Establishing an Independent California Republic is Very American

The idea that land we call California becoming its own independent republic is a very American idea. In fact, it’s difficult to get any more American than Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, regarded as perhaps the most important figure of the American Revolution who later became the United States’ first secretary of state, its second vice president, and third president.

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Five Reasons the U.S. Won't Shut off Water from Colorado

Many critics of the Yes California campaign say if California were to secede, the United States would cut off our supply of water from the Colorado River. Of course if the United States did that, the $50 billion on average we currently spend annually subsidizing the old Confederacy - but that would be kept in California after independence - would certainly allow us to do industrial scale desalination. We are more than capable of meeting our own water needs if we focus our energies and resources here at home. Even so, Yes California argues it is unlikely the United States would deprive California of water from the Colorado River Basin, some of which is geographically within California's borders anyway, and this post explains five reasons why. 

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How California Can Legally Secede from the Union

As we travel up and down California into coastal and inland communities alike, people show us tremendous support for the cause of California independence from the United States. Admittedly, there are those who just as passionately reject our vision for California's future and wish to remain in the Union. One thing both these sides have in common is the notion that a state cannot legally secede from the Union and therefore the campaign is "the ultimate pipe dream" in the eyes of our supporters, and a "waste of time" for our critics. Although the path to seceding from the Union is a long and difficult journey, there are multiple legal paths for this campaign to succeed. 

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What America Costs California

Have you ever wondered just how much being part of the United States costs California?  This post from Californians for Independence (our Bay Area chapter) takes a hard look at the federal budget and military spending in particular. 

What America costs California

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Shock Poll: 41% Say California Should Be An Independent Country; 53% Self-Identify as "Californian" first and foremost

The Yes California Independence Campaign, recently covered by the LA Times, Vice News, and Newsy, released today two public opinion polls the organization commissioned on the social media platform Twitter over the past month, saying the results of the poll are very encouraging and foretell a great political movement of California’s millennials and the next generation of Californians.

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Yes California Releases eBook Outlining California’s Path To Nationhood

The Yes California Independence Campaign today announced that it has released an eBook entitled California’s Future: Your Guide To An Independent California. Subjects Covered Range From Legislative Reorganization To Expanding the State Budget by $100 Billion Without Raising New Taxes.

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Yes California Applauds New FPPC Proposal

The Yes California Independence Campaign applauded the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) today for a proposed campaign finance rule change that would limit the ability of out-of-state groups to influence California’s elections, citing $80 million in campaign contributions that originated from outside California in 2014.

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Yes California Supports Catalan Independence

The Yes California Independence Campaign applauded the results of a historic vote held yesterday (Sunday) that represents a mandate for Catalan independence from Spain. 

“There are many parallels between Catalonia and California,” Louis Marinelli, President of Yes California said. “We stand in solidarity with our Catalan friends on our similar journey to independence.”

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