The new CalExit campaign returns to its original philosophical roots of classical liberalism the Founding Fathers wrote into the Declaration of Independence and provides for the secession of 22 counties from the Union to save California and save America.

The CalExit 3.0 Referendum

A constitutional amendment

The mission of this campaign is to qualify a citizen initiated constitutional amendment in California for the 2024 general election. 

Divides the state along ideological lines

If passed in each of the 22 seceding counties in addition to the overall statewide vote, California will be divided along its ideological lines.

A model to save America

California again can set a historic precedent by creating a path for other states to follow in pursuit of a very much needed national divorce.

Country Spotlight

The most important question to answer about CalExit 3.0 is what the new country of California will look like after it secedes from the United States.

We must not only imagine the physical shape and size of the country, but also some of its key economic indicators. Combined, this provides a glimpse into what the new country of California will look like.


The Republic of California will start off with $2.21 trillion Gross Domestic Product making it the 8th largest global economy.


The Republic of California will have about 22.6 million residents, making it the 58th most populous in the world.


The Republic of California will consist of 35,661 square miles, making it almost exactly the same size as Portugal.


The CalExit 3.0 referendum includes Sacramento county in the list of 22 counties that secede from the United States.

We live in a country of rapidly and aggressively diverging values that are incompatible with each other. The left and the right need to peacefully part ways. This is as true in California as it is nationally and this referendum will not only save California but will serve as a model to save America.

Louis Marinelli
President, YesCalifornia