Yes California News Announcing CalExit 3.0

Announcing CalExit 3.0

It’s time for an ideological divorce in California

The Yes California Independence Campaign today announces its intention to file a third ballot measure. This measure, known as CalExit 3.0, divides the state along ideological lines while taking into account other factors such as geographic contiguity, economic zones, and cultural regions. This ideological divorce between the left and right in California will result in the secession of 22 coastal and Bay Area counties from the United States while the remaining mostly inland counties will constitute the US State of California. 

“This is a ballot measure we intend to file in the State of California very soon; I like using a symbolic date but we need to file these divorce papers and need to file them very soon, so we’re going to be looking at doing that,” Louis Marinelli, the organization’s president and founder said. “And this ballot initiative may set the tone for similar divorce settlements in other states, such as Washington and Oregon which also have a stark east-west ideological division. We have a serious problem in this country with the incompatibility of two diverging sets of values and we need a national divorce and we need one fast.”

The organization has also published a short, 12-page introductory white paper covering some of the key ideas behind CalExit 3.0 in advance of its anticipated filing at the Attorney General’s office in Sacramento.

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