A campaign to save America

Inspired by the Declaration of Independence and the principles of classical liberalism espoused by our Founding Fathers.

    A New Referendum

    Each county decides
    whether to leave or stay.

    Our referendum acknowledges that not all of California is blue and not all Californians want to secede from the Union. Millions of Californians living in the inland and northern red counties are patriotic Americans who still love their country. This campaign allows each of California's counties to decide for themselves whether they are a separatist or patriot county.



    Qualify Initiative

    The first step involves qualifying the new #CalExit initiative for the 2024 ballot to give the counties the vote.
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    Counties Decide

    In November 2024, each county will exercise their right to self-determination and choose to leave or stay in the US.
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    Counties voting to secede petition for independence and counties voting to stay remain an American state.
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    Join this campaign to save America by amputating its left wing, the west coast of California

    On November 5, 2024 each of California counties will vote to determine their future as an independent county or an American state. That seems a long way off but the next Election Day is right around the corner.

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