Welcome the California Freedom Coalition to Calexit

In 2015, together with trusted partners, I established the Yes California Independence Campaign to begin a grassroots effort for independence from the United States. Inspired by the campaign for Scottish independence under the banner of Yes Scotland, our team adopted its logo, picking up the torch of independence where they had left it. Yes California, like Yes Scotland, has from the very beginning been an umbrella organization representing a coalition of organizations which support independence.

To build this coalition, Yes California first established a political party called the California National Party in order to pursue independence from a new angle – by electing pro-independence candidates to local and statewide offices. Once Yes California finished building its skeleton, the California National Party became its own independent entity with its own independent leaders. Today they operate fully-independent of Yes California and Yes California continues to serve as the umbrella organization it was established to be.

Like brothers and sisters, Yes California and the California National Party have indeed had some disagreements on the micro level but nothing has ever detracted us from together supporting our common goal of independence on the macro level. And that has been by design. You can register to join the California National Party online.

Today I am happy to announce the expansion of the independence coalition with the new California Freedom Coalition, an entity which was also originally established by Yes California, but has since grown and matured and is now ready to become its own independent entity with its own independent leaders. Like the California National Party, the California Freedom Coalition is under the umbrella of Yes California and the Calexit campaign.

Moving forward, Yes California will continue to spawn new organizations that serve different purposes in the campaign for independence. The California National Party is a political party, the California Freedom Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization and intends to organize under the 501(c)(4) category as well. These two entities serve very different purposes and seek to achieve independence from different angles under the umbrella of Yes California.

Our eventual goal is to have a multitude of organizations, each fully independent of each other, that represent various interests and parties in California – from the left, from the right, from the center, from a not-for-profit standpoint, and from a business point of view. Together, as we continue to expand the Yes California umbrella to embrace more organizations, we will move ever closer to making California the independent country she deserves to be.