Time for real change on the West Coast

Reposted from Jeff Morrissette's moveoncalifornia.org from November, 2004. Jeff Morrissette is not affiliated with Yes California as we have been unable to locate him. The following content has been reposted to preserve the historical record of his respectable attempt at California independence in the mid-2000s.

Do you think California should secede from the United States?

This is certain to be a politically and emotionally charged issue, but it is time to give it some consideration.

It may not be the only answer or even the best answer, but citizens on the West Coast are finding themselves increasingly distinct and disenfranchised from the conservative cultural domination of the large middle and southern sections of the country.

The West Coast has also been the target of economic sabotage by energy brokers aligned with the so-called “Bush Dynasty.”

Secession may not be possible and certainly not easy. Even a majority of Californians may not initially be inclined toward the idea. But it is a prospect for which a dialogue can begin.

By itself California would be one of the leading economic superpowers in the world capable of self-determination in the development of global trade. California would also be free to establish laws and rights that embrace liberty, freedom and opportunity for all citizens regardless or ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

It is entirely possible that similar movements might begin in the states of Oregon, Washington or elsewhere in establishing a new Pacific nation.

Even if the prospect of a new nation is never realized this movement will succeed in sending a message to the rest of America that we must stand up to the narrow cultural and religious agenda that has reared its head. California will not be a place where cultural, economic and religious bigotry will dominate the people who want to freely speak, freely live and freely love.

Note to readers: The response to this website has been overwhelming. Your comments, pro and con, have been greatly appreciated. Many of you have expressed interest in joining the committee. We will attempt to respond to all of your emails and messages as time permits. Thanks to all of you for your interest.

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