Statement on ongoing dispute between Yes California and several disgruntled former staffers

For several months, the Yes California Independence Campaign has been dealing with a constant and dedicated attempt by disgruntled former campaign staffers to undermine our efforts to give the people of California a vote on independence. As an illustrative example, one of such disgruntled former staffers recently told the international press how they hoped our fundraising email aimed at raising funds for printing our petitions forms would "fall flat". 

Additionally, these disgruntled former campaign staffers have plotted to infiltrate our campaign and orchestrate a “palace coup” to replace our leaders with their own. In addition to this, these disgruntled former campaign staffers conspired to submit a #Calexit-lite ballot measure to the Attorney General’s office specifically to hijack the official #Calexit campaign in hopes of derailing our effort.

One of these disgruntled former campaign staffers, Jed Wheeler, was dead set on submitting his ballot measure on the morning of November 21, 2016. Knowing this in advance, this forced Yes California to submit the official #Calexit ballot measure that morning.

However, and candidly speaking, we did not have the chance to give our members the opportunity to weigh in on the measure as we had hoped, nor did we have the chance to finalize organizing our signature collection chapters across the state of California as we had hoped do to before submitting our ballot measure. In this way, the selfish motives of several disgruntled former staffers undermined our campaign and deprived our supporters a ballot measure we could all unite behind. It was even submitted with a typographical error which we later fixed with an amendment.

This speaks nothing of the fact that these disgruntled former campaign staffers have illegally seized control of several of our online assets on Facebook and Twitter by abusing the trust we placed in them with our passwords. In response to this, our campaign recently recreated these online assets on Twitter and Facebook and informed our supporters of their existence. However, when it came to our attention that the political convention held in a Sacramento library on June 14, 2016 had no credentials or rules committees, and attendees' credentials were not checked and convention rules were not adopted, it became clear that the entire convention was illegitimate. 

Additionally, this speaks nothing of the fact that these disgruntled former campaign staffers continue to use a logo without authorization and blatantly deny copyright ownership to its rightful owner. This speaks nothing of the fact that by thier own admission the dispute that exists between Yes California and these disgruntled former campaign staffers is due to a “personal” vendetta they habe against the leader of the Yes California Independence Campaign, whom they have gone so far as to threaten with violence. Mr. Wheeler also agitates this situation due to a personal vendetta against the leader of Yes California.

All of this aside, our campaign reached out to these disgruntled former campaign staffers to offer a solution to end the conflict. We suggested that both sides release a statement declaring that we had agreed to put aside our differences and go our separate ways in pursuance of California independence and refrain from future attacks upon one another. In addition, we made two easily-met demands. First, these disgruntled former campaign staffers would release the minutes from a meeting held where they supposedly expelled Louis Marinelli. They have made several public statements about the fact that they expelled Mr. Marinelli but have never been able to answer any of the following questions:

  1. What was the date of the meeting?
  2. Who was present at the meeting?
  3. What was said at the meeting?
  4. What were the charges that Louis Marinelli faced?
  5. What were the results of the vote?
  6. What do their bylaws say about removing a member (such as the committee responsible for the hearing), and,
  7. Why wasn't Mr. Marinelli afforded his due process rights to be informed of the meeting let alone be allowed to speak at the meeting in his defense?

These answers should be readily available and easily publicized by releasing the minutes from that meeting that were supposedly kept by Jed Wheeler, the organization's illegitimately-elected secretary.

Lastly, these disgruntled former campaign staffers were to discontinue editing the Wikipedia pages of Louis J. Marinelli himself and the Yes California Independence Campaign itself. This is necessary because they have been consistently adding revisionist history, inaccurate or misleading content, and using our pages to promote themselves.

In our view, these were very fair and very easily-met terms to settle an ongoing dispute between two groups which ideally ought to be working together but at least should not be working against one another. Unfortunately, the leader of these disgruntled former campaign staffers, Theo Slater, has blocked us on social media and has refused our offer.

Therefore, the dispute continues so long as they continue to spread misinformation and lies about our campaign to the press and on social media; so long as they continue to stand behind their illegitimate kangaroo court where due process was suspended and Mr. Marinelli was supposedly expelled; and so long as these disgruntled former campaign staffers continue to antagonize our campaign by unnecessarily editing our Wikipedia pages to spread misinformation and lies.

It is an unfortunate situation but it is the reality in which we live.