Yes California responds to primary election results; accepts invitation to attend international self-determination conference hosted in Moscow

The Yes California Independence Campaign (Yes California) speaking on behalf of the California National Party (CNP) reacted to the results of the primary this afternoon.

“One of the great takeaways of this election is that we with our limited resources as an all-volunteer grassroots organization got ‘California Independence’ printed on the ballot for the first time in history. As a result, tens of thousands now know that there is a California independence campaign and that’s one reason why qualifying for the ballot was so important. We’re equally excited that in the end thousands of voters said “No” to the Democratic and Republican candidates, and “Yes” to the non-partisan California Independence Leader.”

Yes California also expressed some disappointment in the election.

“We didn’t have the support of the political establishment, nor the ability to get our message before every voter. Equally disappointing, only one in four registered voters actually participated.”

Regardless, Yes California saw some positives in the results.

-          Out of the 336 candidates on the ballot for every contest from President to City Council, Louis J. Marinelli of the CNP received a larger percentage of the vote in his contest than 116 other candidates did in theirs.

-          Out of the six non-partisan candidates on the ballot for State Assembly this year, Louis J. Marinelli of the CNP had the second-best showing, performing better than four of the others.

“We don’t believe anyone could expect a newly-formed political party with Californian independence as its central goal to come out into its first election and outright win. We got five votes for every dollar we spent. This was a solid starting point.”

With the primary election over, Yes California is now focused on the Second Annual Convention of the CNP scheduled for Monday, June 13, and its independence rally at the Capitol in Sacramento on June 14. Yes California will decorate the entire front side of the Capitol with 700 California flags, and rally local supporters there with a message to legislators: California Independence NOW.

Additionally, Yes California announced today that it has accepted an invitation to represent the California Republic at a self-determination conference hosted by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia on July 31 in Moscow. The conference will be dedicated to the struggle of different regions and nations fighting for their independence and self-determination. Entitled, “The Dialogue of Nations: The Right of Peoples to Self-Determination and Building a Multipolar World”, the conference will include representatives of Texas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Western Sahara, Veneto, Kurdistan, as well as the Californian independence movements.