Yes California Applauds New FPPC Proposal

The Yes California Independence Campaign applauded the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) today for a proposed campaign finance rule change that would limit the ability of out-of-state groups to influence California’s elections, citing $80 million in campaign contributions that originated from outside California in 2014.

“Six months ago, we filed a ballot initiative that would ban out-of-state election money from non-residents of California,” Louis Marinelli, President of Yes California said. “We felt and continue to feel it is wrong to have tens of millions of dollars, mostly from Wall Street and K Street, influencing our elections every year. Today California’s election watchdog proposed rule changes that will limit the influence of these outside groups and we are thrilled that California is following our lead.” 

Specifically, the proposed changes would strengthen rules already in place that prevent illegal coordination between California political campaigns and national groups that can raise unlimited amounts of money from around the country and then make independent expenditures to support or oppose candidates in California.

As YesCalifornia published earlier this year and affirmed today by the FPPC, some $80 million dollars in outside money was funneled into California elections in 2014 alone. The top sources of outside money were New York ($20 million), and Washington, D.C. ($17.5 million), Texas ($9 million), and Maryland ($8 million). Other states contributed significantly less.

However, more than a third of all outside money came from Washington, D.C. and Maryland combined, where Washington lobbyists live. “We don’t want Washington lobbyists involved in California’s political process,” Marinelli said. “They have collectively destroyed the American political system and we have got to keep them out of the political system in California.”

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