Is it time to talk about a ballot initiative?

Reposted from Jeff Morrissette's from November, 2004. Jeff Morrissette is not affiliated with Yes California as we have been unable to locate him. The following content has been reposted to preserve the historical record of his respectable attempt at California independence in the mid-2000s.

Numerous people responding to Move On California have suggested we move forward with a ballot initiative regarding California secession.

Some kind of ballot initiative is something that we would like to move toward with a degree of caution.

Personally, I have always had a great degree of reservation about ballot initiatives. Many ballot initiatives are put forward by special interests in an effort to deceive voters.

If we do put forward a ballot initiative in the near future, it will be coordinated and written in a way that is thoughtful, rational and viable.

For example, if we were to put California secession or a declaration of independence on the ballot today for a thumbs up, thumbs down vote, how likely is it to pass?

On the other hand, if we put forward an initiative that recommends the formation of state-sanctioned committee to proceed with a detailed study on California secession, that might be more palatable to voters and move the discussion forward. We would attempt to enlist some of the best and brightest minds in this state to help us in this effort.

I know that many of you are chomping at the bit and would like to see California secession happen right now—breaking away from the U.S.A. couldn’t happen soon enough.

However, I think we are at a stage where we have to continue to win the battle for the minds and hearts of people. Secession is a HUGE step and if we are to proceed down this path it needs to be done cautiously and sensibly.

I agree with what many of you have said—we need to keep the momentum going. I do believe a ballot initiative can help sustain this movement and even if it doesn’t pass the first time around it will make a powerful statement.

Meantime, we need to continue to keep the prospect of establishing a California Nation as a viable alternative and a positive course of action for the future. To do this we need to convince a majority of Californians that self-determination will be better for our citizens on several fronts: politically, economically and socially.

If we are to move forward we have to persuade Californians that self-rule will be beneficial for everyone. While we are never going to have the support of every last person, we can continue to build the case that an independent California will thrive as its own economy, allow more personal freedoms, have an equitable system of taxation, support policies that benefit education, establish meaningful immigration reform and provide a social structure that is fair and just to all citizens.

An independent California would also allow us to have a rational voice in foreign affairs. While some kind of military would be inevitable, it would only be enlisted to keep the peace and protect our citizens and, if necessary, support acts of aggression that TRULY endanger the world. But it won’t be a military that is used as a political tool to fight battles that are misguided (IRAQ), miscalculated (IRAQ) and mismanaged (IRAQ).

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