How do our supporters feel about other states joining #Calexit?

For more than two years, this campaign has been travelling the state of California with the message of independence. However, two months ago we witnessed a major influx of support with the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of the presidency of the United States. Many Californians, rightfully so, can't imagine living in a country led by that man. This sentiment is alive in other states as well, partcularly in Washington and Oregon. So we asked our members how they feel about those two states joining our #Calexit movement. Here is how our supporters feel about that. 

QUESTION 1: Should California become a free, sovereign, and independent country? 

This is the question that will appear on the 2019 ballot if we are successful in collecting enough signatures to qualify our ballot measure for 2018 -- and if that ballot measure passes that year. No big surprise that 98% of our respondents chose Yes. 




QUESTION 2: Should Oregon and Washington join with California as a Pacific Republic?

We have received so many messages from the good people of Washington and Oregon in fact begging to join our campaign and form a new pacific republic on the western shores of North America. A vast supermajority of our supporters --88%-- liked that idea.




QUESTION 3: Should we reunite Baja and Alta California... one California for all Californians?

There is a developing Baja California independence movement aimed at separation from Mexico. We have opened a dialogue with them about the possibility of cross-border cooperation and even partnership. We asked our supporters and most do not like the idea of reunificiation with Baja California.




QUESTION 4: Do you support a Pacific Republic of Baja California, California, Oregon and Washington?

However, when asked whether or not #Calexit should include the four-- Baja California, California, Oregon, and Washington together as one country encompassing essentially the whole pacific coast of North America, a strong supermajority of our supporters --66%-- liked the idea.