Petition to the United Nations regarding the right to peoples to self-determination and voluntary association

Earlier this year, the Yes California Independence Campaign represented California at an international conference in Moscow which was focused on the right to self-determination and building a multi-polar world. At the conclusion of this conference, our campaign was invited to join a petition to be presented at the United Nations on this very topic.

Our campaign submitted the two simple requests of the international community:

  1. That all nations recognize the right of voluntary association whereas a people, e.g. Californians, may decide to remain part of a political union or separate from one in accordance with the rights to self-determination and self-governance.
  2. That all nations recognize the legitimacy and legality of a declaration of independence made by a people, e.g. Californians, after having conducted a free, fair, and honest referendum (or plebiscite) which was witnessed and recorded by international election observers.

Our contribution, as well as the contributions of other aspiring nations, can be found below: