California secession talk begins serious dialogue

Reposted from Jeff Morrissette's from November, 2004. Jeff Morrissette is not affiliated with Yes California as we have been unable to locate him. The following content has been reposted to preserve the historical record of his respectable attempt at California independence in the mid-2000s.

Talk about secession is growing in both blue states and red states as a consequence of the 2004 election of President Bush

This is certain to be a politically and emotionally charged issue, but it is time to give it some consideration. A dialogue is emerging about states rights, federalism, gay rights, abortion rights, electoral reform and the deepening schism between liberals and conservatives. And serious people who don't want to be ruled by the religious right are talking seriously about secession.

Secession may not be the only answer or even the best answer, but citizens on the West Coast are finding themselves increasingly disenfranchised from the conservative cultural domination of the large middle and southern sections of the country, dubbed by some pundits as "Jesusland."

The West Coast has also been the target of economic sabotage by energy brokers aligned with President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Californians began to talk about secession seriously after the California energy crisis in 2000 and 2001.

By itself California would be one of the leading economic superpowers in the world capable of self-determination in the development of global trade. California would also be free to establish laws and rights that embrace liberty, freedom and opportunity for all citizens regardless or ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Similar secession movements are brewing in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont and New York. Some have declared that the passage in California of the stem cell research initiative is tantamount to "scientific secessionism."

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has yet to comment on secession, but if he wants to be president why not president of California?