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  • Wednesday, November 09, 2016 at 05:00 PM · 37 rsvps
    California Capitol in Sacramento, CA

    Independence Rally


    On November 09, 2016 Yes California will host an independence rally in the 166th year of California's status as the 31st state. 


    Originally planned for September 9, which is California's Admission Day, this event was postponed to accommodate our plans to attend the conference on self-determination in Moscow, Russia that month. So we invite you to join us at on the Front/West Steps of the California Capitol as we protest California statehood, whoever is elected president, and rally in support of California's independence. 


    We want you to join our campaign to build a great progressive republic with the campaign finance, gun safety, and environmental laws and regulations Californians want but can't have because of the American government. We want to establish universal health care that we can't have because of special interests groups in Washington. We want to restore the promise of free state college and universities as we had before the Americans began using Californians as donors to subsidize the other states. We want to end California's involvement in America's militarism and aggressive foreign policy. We want to have a country we can be proud of again.


    The first 40 attendees will receive a free YES CALIFORNIA campaign T-shirt. Other promotional items will be available as well. Bring yourselves, bring your family, bring your friends. This is a fully-permitted, peaceful and informational rally as we work to get an independence referendum on the ballot in 2018! RSVP below to reserve your shirt now. You must attend the rally to receive your free shirt.


    You will learn how California was undemocratically admitted into the Union. In addition, everyone will leave with information that answers these three questions: 1) Why California should become an independent country; 2) how our campaign intends to achieve that goal, and 3) what an independent California will look like and mean to each individual Californian. 

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